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NAO Global Co., Ltd. formerly known as Four Star Thailand Co., Ltd. was established in 1975 by administration of Mrs. Phaoleena Bunyaphiphatr. Start producing cotton towel under the brand SNOW and distributed to the market as the first company in Thailand in 1979. During her administration, nearly 40 years by sweeping vision and moral of Mrs. Phaoleena. As a result, the company has a reputation for both the quality of the product and good service. It has been recognized by customers throughout 40 years.
Company Vision
Nao Global will be the leader in Easy Cleanse category by deploying creativity and innovation to drive product and service differentiations that will meet with all kinds of customer segmentation. Nao’s high level of quality product and customer satisfaction will be achieved through our professional & ethical staff which are our solid foundation for a business sustainability practice.


  • 2518

    First established as Four Stars Thailand Limited Partnership

  • 2522

    First pioneered of refreshing cotton towel into the market; SNOW Brand

  • 2528

    First exported lunch in Southwest Asia

  • 2532

    Enter in the commercial registered as Four Stars Thailand Co.,Ltd

  • 2535

    The company had major reconstructed

  • 2536

    Products are distributed in all provinces of Thailand

  • 2537

    Began first modern trade market at Makro

  • 2538

    First pioneered of refreshing terry towel into the market; Refresh Brand

  • 2543

    Distributed products to hypermarket groups; Big C

    Won "OTOP Product Champion" award from Community Organizations Development Institute (CODI)

  • 2549

    Certificated of worldwide standard in Good Manufacture Practice (GMP) in produces cosmetic from Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Public Health and SGS Thailand Limited

  • 2550

    Distributed products to Hyper Store market; Family Mart

  • 2551

    Certificated ISO9001 (SGS Thailand Limited)

    Won "Thailand Brand Product" award from Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, Thailand

  • 2553

    Distributed products to Tesco Lotus market

  • 2554

    Distributed products to Lawson 108 supermarket

  • 2557

    Four Stars Thailand Co., Ltd has growth to NAO GLOBAL Co., Ltd, emphasized to Global Market (2nd generation).

    on "Thailand Trust Mark" award from Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, Thailand

  • 2558

    Lunched innovative new product Easy Cleanse; NAO Brand

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